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Showroom Displays

Come and check out our showroom to see a wide range of large displays ranging from Hardwood Australian Species, Engineered French Oak and Australian Species, Bamboo, Laminate, Vinyl Planks and much more! Did you know? TIMBEROO can also supply artificial grass to complete that natural look to your home from inside to outside!!!    

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Which coating? - The options for coatings range from solvent based polyurethanes, through to water based finished and oil based finished.  It all depends on the type of floor installed, the locality of the house and climate.  Traditional oil based finished used with waxes do not work well with acrylics and darken over time. Solvent based polyurethanes tend to be more wear resistant and come in a wide range of gloss variations. Water based finishes are hard wearing and can provide a subdued appearance and range in gloss variations. It is important to note that irrespective of the finish type and whether applied at installation or factory scratches can occur. It is recommended a newly coated floor is left as...

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Types of Timber Floors!!

Ok - so you have made the decision to have a Timber Floor but which one? You can choose from: Solid Strip Timber Flooring (Tongue & Groove). Fixed to sheet sub-floors of particleboard or plywood, over joists or battens or direct to concrete slab.  This provides the traditional timber floor renowned for its strength, durability and character.  It can be rejuvenated to near new conditions by sanding and re-finishing.  Ideal for new houses or to match existing floors in renovations and can be top nailed, secretly nailed or glued to concrete slabs.   Engineered Flooring - Specifically manufactured with a decorative layer of Timber bonded over layers of other timbers beneath.  Providing additional stability and maintains the appearance characteristics associated with...

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Why choose a Timber or Similar Floor?

Timber is natural, hard wearing and makes a feature of your floor that enhances your furnishings and will outlive you if properly maintained.  Similarly, other products (cork, bamboo and laminate) provide a similar appearance or character to that of a timber floor. With the correct coating for your circumstances and regular cleaning your timber floor finish may last for up to 8 years before you need to consider recoating. Similarly, the coatings on many pre-finished floors are very wear resistant and these products too can be sanded back and a finish to provide additional life to your floor. 

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