Grey Lime Oak pre-finished 20/6mm      

Above : Grey Lime Pre-finished Oak 20/6mm 

Above : Brushbox Before & After - Evo Classic Hard Wax Oil


Above : Engineered French Oak coated with water based matt finish.

Above : Stained American Oak Stairs.


Above : Spotted Gum 80 X 19mm finished with loba Impact oil - natural raw look ! Left : Spotted Gum 80 X 19mm finished with                                                             loba Impact oil - natural raw look !


Above Left: Spotted Gum 130 x 9 Standard Grade. Above Right: Sydney Blue Gum 2 strip engineered


Above: Mixed Hardwood Standard Grade 130 x 19.

Above: Aussie beech  80 x 19 Select grade

Above: European Oak Engineered flooring

Above left: unfinished spotted gun wall cladding. Above right: feature grade 130 x 19 BlackButt, Photos courtesy of Grant Mc Donald Homes.

Above: Blackbutt feature grade 130 x 19

Above: Cal Clara European Oak 240 wide boards

Above: Before - Brushbox floor hidden under carpet & after sanded & coated with water based satin

Left & Below : Sydney Blue Gum finished satin water based coating

 Left & Below : Quickstep Livyn Balance Click Vinyl plank - Cottage Oak Natural


Above: Photos courtesy of Troy Martyn Building Pty Ltd Engineered European Oak - "Grey Lime"  

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